Our team

Here at Git-Up Shoes, our carefully selected team have experience in the need for quality foot protection when exploring the beauty of nature. Therefore, led by an environmental and exploration enthusiast, the team were driven to meet the needs of both physical and eco-friendly challenges.

Our history

Established in the US in 2017, we are a modern brand that is keen to acknowledge the increasing importance of environmental awareness. We know that like-minded customers who care about our planet would appreciate a product that looks out for both the customer and the environment’s welfare, especially when so many other footwear brands on the market use unsustainable materials.

Our mission

Our company is on a mission to provide innovative and creative designs for customers who dare to take on challenges in our stunning, physical landscapes. We aim to be the brand that customers rely on for high-quality security and protection where your feet are concerned. After all, feet are commonly prone to injury in this type of situation, but we are here for you to depend on – at every step in your journey.

Our value

We take pride in standing up to face challenges as a brand and encourage our customers to face things they never thought were possible. We love collaborating with our customers in this way by providing sufficient support, comfort, and fashion fused by the construction of 55% recyclable materials.

Our vision

Git-Up Shoes take immense pride in exemplary customer service, offering timely and quality parcels to any customer in need of reliable protection. Sourcing our rubber soles from Brazil and our all-natural cotton from Texas, we ensure that the biodegradable raw materials are used to reduce devastating carbon emissions and environmental pollution.

At last

With the added protection of our Git-Up Shoes, we have been able to prevent substantial trauma to customers’ bodies in the event of emergency collapses, demonstrating just how much we can do for you as a brand. Therefore, here at Git-Up Shoes, you don’t just become a customer, but you also become part of our environmental and exploration family.

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